Hey there, my name is Carlos Alcobia. And I’m the founder of Buinho Creative Hub and Fablab.

In 2015, a collective of individuals, including myself and fellow colleagues from the University of Lisbon, came together to establish Buinho as a non-profit organization, dedicated to the advancement of digital skills and the promotion of social innovation in rural areas of Portugal.

We proudly hold accreditation as an MIT Fablab, and our team is comprised of professionals with backgrounds in design, engineering, and Ph.D. research, all specializing in the digital and creative realms.

Our organization, Buinho, boasts substantial experience in the realm of digital education. We have a history of collaborating with educators and educational institutions at the regional level. Additionally, we have successfully led Erasmus programs and various other international educational initiatives. These experiences have allowed us to introduce and implement innovative teaching methodologies, benefiting both teachers and learners alike.

Why Choose Us?

little details that make a big difference

Empower Educators

From Zero to Hero! No matter the level of knowledge or experience we want to empower every teacher and educator to make their own machines, activities and curriculum.


Someone said that makerspaces are the classrooms of the future. We disagree. They are the classrooms of today. We have been creating makerspaces and fablabs, even before Buinho was established, and we will show you how the future is now!

High quality e-learning contents

All of our in-person courses are enhanced by readily available, top-notch e-learning materials. With this platform, you'll experience the convenience of having continuously updated training content right at your fingertips.

These are our available courses

Please note that most of our current offer is a backup of the Erasmus courses (in English), and the courses being provided for Portuguese teachers (in Portuguese).
You may browse through the general description but the specific contents of the attributed will only become available to you after the login.

Makerspaces IPBeja

Este curso destina-se unicamente a docentes e estudantes do IPBeja, e serve para complementar as aulas presenciais desenvolvidas pelo Buinho.  

What our Students say?

"I'm a self learner so I specially enjoyed this hands-on course where I was able to assemble and troubleshoot the 3D Printer. It was amazing how fast time went by, other courses were less fun and educational. This was definitely my best Erasmus experience yet.

And the best part was to receive a brand new 3D printer for free to take to my school and that was assembled by me!"

Andrea Duran

Teacher (Spain)

"This course exceeded all my initial expectations. The Build your Robot course helped me to push new ideas in so many directions - CAD, CAM, electronics, microcontrollers - its really getting behind the black box.

For those looking for hands-on courses, Buinho courses are a great starting point. Highly recommend it!"

Marco Gonzalez

Teacher (Germany)

"Being a primary teacher within a small catholic school, I really went from zero to hero in 3D printing! The course offered a lot of relevant information, sometimes the days were quite long, but the trainer was able to keep us all focused and motivated.

The courses of Buinho are all multilevel and very practical so anyone can easily fit it. And the results will be amazing, I'm sure!

Definitely recommend it"

Frank Schmidt

Teacher (Germany)

"The trainer is passionate and can transmit really relevant educational contents. Buinho course makes education confortable, something I can also transmit to others.

I wanted to build something and after my fifth Erasmus course I was able to finally find a place where I build not only a robot but all sort of things to bring home with me.

Thank you Buinho!"

Vedran Jankovi

Teacher (Croatia)

"I applied more than one year ago, as I found the course very unique. I'm glad I did it since it really fulfilled my expectations.

The course is all about STEAM and then bringing 3D printing inside the classroom. I'm also looking forward in using these contents and methodology to work with my colleagues from Biology, Maths and History.

The trainer was very informal and open minded, making us comfortable and less afraid of experimenting new things"

Kathleen Alger

VET Teacher (Martinique)

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